In this EPISODE #30, we cover PART 1 of this line dance. We’ll focus on just the Follow footwork and repeate that section of 4 6 count patterns over and over.

LOOK for EPISODE #31 (when you’ve mastered this material) to learn PART 2 and discover how all of the patterns fit together in one seamless line dance

Count: 64
Wall: 2
Level: beginner/intermediate west coast swing
Choreography: Mario Robau & Brian B
Music: FIRE by Tessanne Chin For Lindyland This is a West Coast Swing style
64 Beat
2 Wall line dance.

We love this one as a teaching method for WCS. The footwork balances equally between follow and leader footwork so it’s great for training that side of your West Coast Swing. For the Steps, please visit LINDYLAND.COM and look for the LINE DANCE section. Enjoy, LINDYLAND