Level: adv beginner
Choreographer: Lester Wilson

Night Fever by The Bee Gees
Some background on the creation of the Night Fever Line Dance
Night Fever, also known as The Brooklyn Shuffle was one of three line dances that was showcased in the blockbuster film Saturday Night Fever which premiered in 1977. This particular dance was choreographed to fit the hit tune “Night Fever” which was written and recorded by The Bee Gees.


One dance choreographer who played a significant role in the making of this line dance was Lester Wilson. Lester trained John Travolta in his dance scenes for the film SNF and according to Chester Whitmore, he also choreographed this line dance. Ultimately, it was the incredibly talented cast and the superb cinematic effects and shooting that contributed to this becoming such a dance craze in the short years following the release of the movie.




Strut backwards for 4 beats, Strut forwards for 4 beats (clapping on last beat)
Turn to the Right “Spinning Grapevine” 4 beats, Turn to the Left 4 beats (while spinning 360˚)
Kick & Skate (Two Kickball Changes, Then Skate in place (Swiveling)

The Disco Point (4 points over 8 beats)
The Hand Roll (Roll your fists for 2 beats)
The Dorothy Heel Click (and flap your arms like a chicken)
The Four Point Hitch (point with your right foot Front, Back, Side, then Hitch and turn one ¼ to the Left)





During the Spring of 2020 Paolo of began developing as a comprehensive visual resource for all the great Swing Line Dances and Partner Dances of the world. Phase One is compiling the top 20 Swing Line Dances by end of summer 2020.

Night Fever (The Brooklyn Shuffle) was added to this collection in July of 2020. In this episode, the line dance is demonstrated in full and includes a break down of steps from this Lindy Hop specialist.
Paolo Pasta Lanna