RHYTHM N BLUES line dance
Level 3
Choreography by William & Maeva (FR)
Created for the song Hide & Seek by Joe Turner
This line dance called RHYTHM N BLUES was created for the song HIDE & SEEK by Joe Turner. The Choreography is from the talented Lindy Hop & Boogie Woogie team of William & Maeva
This Line Dance is one of the more challenging out there and with it’s faster tempo and tight execution of material, we’re rating this one a LEVEL 3. It combines great jazz patterns, re-interpretations of classics and introduces Boogie Woogie footwork, making this one quite unique and worthy of our TOP 20 collection. 

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During the Spring of 2020 Paolo of PaoloSwings.com began developing Lindyland.com as a comprehensive visual resource for all the great Swing Line Dances and Partner Dances of the world. Phase One is compiling the top 20 Swing Line Dances by end of summer 2020.

The Rhythm N Blues line dance was added to this collection at the start of AUGUST 2020. In this episode, we demonstrate PART 1 only and includes a break down of steps from this Lindy Hop specialist. “I love their unique interpretations of classic jazz patterns, the inventive transitions and the addition of boogie woogie steps making this a fiery and fun study…”
Paolo Pasta Lanna


This REBOOT version 3.0 of Rhythm N Blues line dance was added to this collection at the end of AUGUST 2020. In this Episode #15 of our LINE DANCES at the PIER SERIES we demonstrate/examine some of the more challenging patterns and breaking them down for optimal learning.

NOTE: The line dance was created to fit the song HIDE & SEEK by Joe Turner. MUSIC The music used for in this episode is provided by Matthew Piazzi & The Debonairs (demonstration music) and BenSound.com