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Swing Era Lindy Hoppers

With the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra

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Line Dance Challenge

Central Park Swings

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Roaring 20s & Gatsby Era

The Charleston at the Borgata Atlantic City

Fun Sneaker Bags

It’s great for transporting your dance or fitness shoes,

Lindyland is a source for all things SWING providing a bit of history on the dances that emerged and were born in America during the 1920s – 1950s. We also peek into how these music styles and dances evolved to enthusiastic cult like following as seen by the level and multitude of competitions and festivals hosted across the planet often drawing thousands of participants per event.

Our resources will include collections of present day dancers, those that were the innovators and the creators of yesteryear and everything in between. We will also have links to online instruction as well as a listing of local classes and workshops.

When completed, you will find written descriptions & video samples of every swing dance imaginable such as The Charleston, The Balboa, The Lindy Hop, The Collegiate Shag, The Carolina Shag, The St. Louis Shag, The Jitterbug, East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, and more

There will be a section dedicated to line dances and solo jazz with written descriptions & video samples. We also include the Early Social Jazz Dances from Tap to Vaudeville that set the stage for much of the partner dance and solo jazz of today. It’s all in the plans.

PHASE ONE compiling the top 20 SWING LINE DANCES (SUMMER 2020)
PHASE TWO compliling more SWING LINE DANCES but also reaching beyond the boundaries of Swing to areas like SOUL, HUSTLE, LATIN and more (FALL 2020)
PHASE THREE compliling the top 20 solo jazz routines (SPRING 2021)

PHASE FOUR will be compiling the partner dance styles that emerged since the birth of The Lindy Hop. (no date set for completion)

If you would like to be a contributor and part of our editorial team, please contact us at info@Lindyland.com


Please enjoy this resource and feel free to drop a donation paypal.me/Lindyland which will directly help us continue to build, maintain and update this website. Or purchase an online class/download at https://lindyland.com/downloads as these purchases pay the dancers directly who have either produced, released or appeared in these items.