The Lindyland Youtube channel was launched in 2006 by social dancer and American Swing Dance champion Paolo Pasta Lanna. Then in 2020, with the help of a select crew of dance specialists, writers, fans, web programmers, we launched this website

Lindland will be a source for all things “Swing,” providing a bit of history on the dances that emerged and were born in America during the 1920s – 1950s. We will explore how these music styles and dances evolved to the cult-like following as seen by the multitude of competitions and festivals hosted across the planet often drawing thousands of enthusiastic participants per event. Although this website is only partly completed, we are on track with our timeline to complete the Line Dance section by end of 2020. 

Presently we are championing LIVE appearances with our talent broadcasting virtually throughout the world. From our outdoor piers along the Hudson River to indoor theaters in the heart of Times Square we are providing opportunities for talent to earn a little extra and be seen throughout the world. This is especially vital during a period of time when most entertainers have lost their jobs, their way of life, struggling to find new ways to re-invent and survive. 

Please enjoy this resource and thank you for visiting. Also, note that your donations will help speed our completion plans. Please send payments to PAYPAL Or VENMO . Your donations will help us to further the design and development of this website. Or purchase a DOWNLOAD Or FASHION ACCESSORY under the STORE section as that payment will go directly to the dancers that produced and released those items.

Paolo Pasta Lanna

Choreographer | Dancer | Producer | Designer
Pasta Lanna is a 24 year veteran of Swing Dance specializing in the Lindy Hop, Balboa, Collegiate Shag, Charleston and The Madison. Paolo and his original partner Janice Wilson were the first Lindy Hoppers to TOUR with with Wynton Marsalis & The Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra and in 1998 they won the American Swing Dance Championships. They performed with shows “Swing Dance America” and “Forever Swing” The Musical Revue featuring Michael Buble. Paolo co-founded and launched the first Summer Jamboree Dance Camp in Italy, The Shake, Rhythm & Roll Festival in Asbury Park, and he’s the creative director of the Swing Remix dance spectacular in NYC. He coordinates dance teams Lindy Hop All-Stars, The Rhythm Stompers, and is president of Jumpin Entertainment LLC.  

Paolo is also an award winning Product Designer, Graphic specialist with StudioPaolo Design studios. Most recently he’s been reviving his skills as a percussionist with the band Matthew Piazzi & The Debonairs. During his down time, he’s continuing to build and develop


Paolo & Laurentina

Our love for all styles of swing from Boogie Woogie & Balboa to The Collegiate Shag & The Lindy Hop is why we continue to share and learn everything we can about these dances. It’s what drives us in our continued pursuit of excellence while keeping grounded & good humored. Our knowledge of the gamut of swing dance styles has brought us to showcase routines on some of the biggest stages in the world from Lincoln Center’s ROSE HALL in NYC to The Umbria Jazz Festival in ITALY.
In our workshops, we love sharing our knowledge and our joy for dance. Hopefully we will leave you with a stronger foundation of movement & vocabulary, improved techniques for partnering and an appreciation for the social dances that were born here in American in its heyday.


Elena Evangelia

Elena Evangelia took her first dance class at the age of four and has never stopped dancing since. She has been trained in Ballet, Jazz & Ballroom disciplines. While waiting in line for an audition in London, she saw a couple dancing lindy to the tunes of a saxophone player across the street. She instantly felt in love with the swinging groove of Lindy Hop!

In 2012 she got back to Athens and started her own dance studio named ‘Jump & Jive’, teaching original swing dances. She holds an MFA in Choreography. As a teacher she loves to see her students develop through time and always tries to push them to their limits.



After growing up as a student of Tap, Jazz and Ballet, Lauren trained as a ballroom dancer at the Arthur Murray School of Dance in Charleston, SC where she specialized in teaching the six main ballroom dances (Foxtrot, Waltz, Tango, Rumba, Cha Cha, Swing). She’s made the conversion to Lindy Hop and Balboa in 2005 and brings an elegance and lightness to this dance. She has appeared in several television ads for Midsummer Night Swing and was recently a featured guest on the BK Live morning show.

In addition to traveling up and down the east coast as a performer and instructor of these american born dances, In 2014 & 2016 she performed on the main stage at the Umbria Jazz festival in Perugia, Italy with Ray Gelato & his Giants, and again joining them in 2017 at the San Sebastian Jazz Festival in Spain. Other notable performances include: Midsummer Night Swing Lincoln Center, The Swing Remix NYC, The Shake Rhythm & Roll Festival Asbury Park, The Saratoga Racetrack, Poughkeepsie Swing Dance Society, Central Jersey Dance Society, The All-American Dance Weekend Villa Nova Resort, Feast of San Gennaro Belmar, NJ, and the Monmouth Park race track. She currently teaches group and private dance lessons in the tristate area. A collection of her performance videos can be viewed at



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