Level: pre-intermediate
Choreographer Name: Jon Tigert

Murder He Said by The Four Vagabonds



Some background on the creation of The St Louis Shim Sham
“The St. Louis Shim Sham was a little routine I put together while visiting Jenny Shirar and Christian Frommelt in St Louis. Our friend Joe Smith was holding a “Line dance contest” for a dance event, and people were supposed to submit videos beforehand. He had called me earlier in the day and told me he only had one entry, and asked if I could throw something together and submit it by that night.



So I locked myself in a room for about and hour, and put my music on shuffle. Eventually this song came on and the steps just flowed out of me like they were always meant to be there. Christian later told me that “The Four Vagabonds” (who sing the song for the routine) were originally from St. Louis. …We put it on Youtube and I guess people liked it because we are still teaching it.”
Jon Tigert 2020

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During the Spring of 2020 Paolo of began developing as a comprehensive visual resource for all the great Swing Line Dances and Partner Dances of the world. Phase One is compiling the top 20 Swing Line Dances by end of summer 2020.

The St Louis Shim Sham was added to this collection in July of 2020. In this episode, the line dance is demonstrated in full and includes a break down of steps from this Lindy Hop specialist. “I love the pairing of classic jazz patterns in this line dance…And this inspired us for our own partner routines as early back as 2015.”
Paolo Pasta Lanna


Demonstrating the reach around the world, here is an event in LONDON showcasing the St Louis Shim Sham