Join Us today November 23rd for this Marathon Monday Line Dance Challenge as we attempt to dance 11 different line dances in a row. We open with a new one that we haven’t yet showcased – today that’s THE CONTINENTAL (a Caroline Shag Classis).

THE CONTINENTAL (the newest addition)
SHUFFLE BOOGIE SOUL (choreographer Ira Weisburd)
BRING OUT THE BOOGIE (choreographer Bubba & Joy Williams)
DROP POP & ROLL (choreographer Belynda Head)
The Majestic (choreographer Paolo Pasta Lanna)
Hide & Seek (Rhythm & Blues choreographed by William & Maeva)
SWING STROLL (choreographer Ryan Francois)
Dean Collins Shim Sham
The Charleston Stroll (choreographer Sing Lim)
THE SWIZZLE (a classic Carolina Shag style)
The Shim Sham

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