Welcome to the FALL SEASON PREMIER of our Marathon Mondays LINE DANCE CHALLENGE! YES! We’re back and starting up our Marathon Monday Line Dances. This is the series where we attempt multiple line dances in a Row today and we encourage you to dance these with us. Then let us know how you did!

The new format works as follows:

1. We begin with a jazz footwork warm up.

2. We add a brand new line dance to the series at the top (one that we have not yet presented)

3. Then previous line dances that we’ve already covered are added to make this a challenging program.

Today we are featuring The Charleston Stroll as our feature. We’ll follow that with 5 others making our total for today 6 LINE DANCES in a ROW. Here’s the order of today’s set. The CHARLESTON STROLL THE MAJESTIC THE DEAN COLLINS Shim Sham SWING STROLL (My Baby Just Cares For Me) RHYTHM N BLUES (Hide & Seek) THE SHIM SHAM

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music credits:

Hide & Seek & My Baby Just Cares (Matthew Piazzi (vocals), Nick Palumbo (guitar), Paolo Pasta Lanna (drums)
The Shim Sham Nick Palumbo Original (Featuring Nick Palumbo (guitar), Paolo Pasta Lanna (drums)
Epidemic Music for all others