Welcome to Episode #17 of our LINE DANCES at the PIER SERIES

This is our final Episode in our 15 Line Dances series, which we began back in MAY of 2020. So we’ve just about stayed on track to finish by the end of the summer. In this Episode, we demonstrate this line dance The Madison Time from 1959.

It was originally created to match the calls of the DJ (Eddie Morrison) who masterfully times his instructions for dancers on this recording. Back in the day, it’s appeal stemmed from moves, such as the “Jackie Gleason,” which imitates a shuffle performed by the iconic comedian, or the world famous “Wilt Chamberlain hook”, which calls for the dancer to stylishly dribble and shoot a basketball. These variations poked fun at popular figures in the era, providing amusement for the dancers and a certain prestige for the caller. 

Dance historians also consider this dance to be the first of the Line Dances of America. Read more at Lindyland.com

Enjoy and we’ll be back in a few weeks with a new dance series TBA.

The music used for in this episode is provided by
The Ray Bryant Combo