RHYTHM N BLUES line dance Choreography by William & Maeva (FR)
Created for the song Hide & Seek by Joe Turner
This is Episode #13 of our Line Dances at the Pier Series. In this episode we are featuring the RHYTHM N BLUES line dance (created for the song HIDE & SEEK by Joe Turner).
The Choreography is from the talented Lindy Hop & Boogie Woogie team of William & Maeva of France.

This Level 3 Line Dance requires multiple episodes to get through it, so in this episode we demonstrate only PART 1. We’ll cover the first 6 bars of patterns! Joyfully, we’ve re-interpreted this portion to make it a Line Dance on it’s own by turning it into a STROLL.

We hope you enjoy this demonstration and short breakdown of the steps and please join in! NOTE: the music used for in this episode is provided by Epidemic Music and BenSound.com The demonstration music  is titled YOU ROCK MY WORLD by Jett Everill care of Epidemic music