This is Episode 3 of our line dance series. This contains a demo of the routine, some instruction and studies on the patterns and then a closing routine (filmed from the back) that one can dance to. Please consider a contribution to our productions and online lessons by purchasing a download of this instructional or others at our Selz Store.

Or you can send a payment to Jan Rietman, a Dutch pianist and radio announcer, in 1973 released “Killer Boogie” in a solo piano recording. Twenty-four years later, Boogie Woogie and Lindy Hop extraordinaire Marcus Koch released a video, “Footwork Fast and Fancy,” which featured his short dance routine to that recording. A decade later, Marcus with help from a protégé completed the choreography to fit the full length of the song….The dance debuted in 2015 at the Rock That Swing Festival in Munich Germany. It has become one of the festival’s highlights, Visit for a more comprehensive history of this dance and for downloadable online lessons on this.